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Car Basics 101: How Much Oil Does My Car Need?

Image from Amazon How much oil does my car need? You often wonder. All the hi-tech bits and pieces of your car engine will not run smoothly if there’s no oil. This fluid keeps your engine moving because it does many thing: it lubricates,…
modern car dashboard with indicators like airbag light

Airbag Light: Why is It On? – The Common Reasons

Image from Pixabay Today’s vehicles have more features than ever before. With the ever-growing technology in the automotive industry, most of these systems are controlled electronically. Gone are the days when there were just three or four…
2018 Nissan Leaf Review

2018 Nissan Leaf Review: A Detailed Look

Image from AmazonCar manufacturers have started to move away from internal combustion engines and have begun to embrace the concept of electric vehicles. With significant improvements in battery technology and in the efficiency of electric motors,…