VIN Check by State

Vehicle Check USA simplifies the process of searching for a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) by state. We provide a complimentary vehicle history report that potential car buyers can use to confirm the history of any used car they are considering purchasing across the United States.

Here’s what you can expect from our state-specific VIN checks:

  • Access to a free VIN report for vehicles registered in U.S. states
  • Detailed instructions on how to obtain title information or submit a title request for a vehicle in different states.
  • A variety of resources tailored for vehicle owners and drivers in each state
  • Comprehensive data on accidents, natural disasters, and theft statistics for every state
  • The advantages of conducting a VIN check by state to understand the history and condition of the vehicle

Our data comes from official and reliable sources. When you verify a vehicle’s history with us, you’ll learn about any common issues associated with that model. This crucial information helps you make a well-informed purchase decision, reducing the risk of future regrets.

To enhance the utility of our services, we also provide insights into how the vehicle’s history could impact its insurance rates and resale value, empowering you to negotiate better and plan for future costs.

The states with the most vehicle thefts in the USA, based on recent data, are California, Texas, Washington, Florida, and Colorado.

  1. California: California leads the nation with the highest number of vehicle thefts, recording 202,685 stolen vehicles in 2022. This high volume is attributed to the large population and the popularity of high-demand vehicles like pickups​.

  2. Texas: Texas comes second with 105,015 vehicle thefts in 2022. Like California, Texas also sees a high number of thefts due to its large population and the high demand for pickup trucks​.

  3. Washington: Washington recorded 46,939 vehicle thefts, making it third in the nation. This state has seen a significant rise in vehicle thefts over recent years​.

  4. Florida: With 45,973 vehicle thefts, Florida ranks fourth. Despite a slight decrease in thefts from previous years, it remains among the top states for vehicle theft​.

  5. Colorado: Colorado had 42,237 vehicle thefts, placing it fifth. The state also has one of the highest theft rates per capita, with 661 thefts per 100,000 people​.

The U.S. states with the highest recorded flood-related disasters include Louisiana, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and New York. These states are frequently impacted due to their geographical features and weather patterns, making them highly susceptible to flooding.

  1. Louisiana: Known for severe flooding, particularly from hurricanes like Katrina in 2005, Louisiana has experienced significant flood damage. Much of the New Orleans area is at or below sea level, which exacerbates flooding problems during heavy rains and hurricanes​.

  2. Texas: Texas often faces intense flooding due to strong storms and hurricanes. The state has a large number of rivers and a landscape that does not drain water efficiently, leading to frequent and severe floods. Harris County, which includes Houston, has the highest number of flood claims in the state​.

  3. Florida: As a peninsula with extensive coastline and numerous bodies of water, Florida is highly prone to flooding from hurricanes and tropical storms. The state experiences significant rain annually, contributing to its flood risk​.

  4. New Jersey: New Jersey has also seen substantial flood-related disasters, particularly from storms like Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which caused extensive damage along the coastline and inland areas​.

  5. New York: New York experiences frequent flooding due to a combination of coastal storms and heavy rainfall. The state has received significant flood insurance payouts, reflecting the extensive damage from these events​.