Power Stop Rotors Review


Today we are going to talk about one of the leading manufacturers of rotors in the world, Power Stop. For this Power Stop rotors review we will introduce the manufacturer and discuss what makes them one of the best in the world, and why you should consider them for your next upgrade.

The most important part of vehicle maintenance is safety, and perhaps the most important safety system on any modern vehicle is the braking system. The braking system is subject to wear and tear as fast as any other moving part on a car, so making sure your parts are in working order, reliable, and durable is paramount to your driving safety. The rotors on your vehicle will eventually need to be replaced, and when that time comes you want to make sure the very best replacements are available and installed.

What Are Power Stop Rotors?

Power Stop is one of the leading manufacturers of rotors, braking systems, and precision stopping kits for highway-ready vehicles. This manufacturer puts an emphasis on detailed casting and machining, all without losing the precision etching and drilling needed for quality control. Before we dive into the different comparisons between manufacturers, we want to call out some of our favorite features we discovered during this Power Stop rotors review.

Product Specs

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There are a lot of great features we can talk about when looking at Power Stop products. The precision machining combined with high-quality metal casting creates a stellar product with unmatched durability. We want to take some time to touch on some of our favorite features included on many of the products sold through Power Stop. These features are not all-inclusive and can vary from model to model, so be sure to check on the part-specific features before making your final choice on a replacement rotor and braking system.

Tru-Cast Technology

Power Stop uses a casting and machining technology that allows for stronger forms and more detailed etching. The Tru-Cast system, unique to Power Stop, offers a final G3000 grade casting that comes from only the finest foundries in the country. This system delivers closely drilled and slotted disks that are plated with silver zinc to prevent long-term rusting and dust flaking.

Silver Zinc Dichromate Plating

As we mentioned above, the casting process is finalized with the application of a Silver Zinc Dichromate plating. This plating is applied to all the drilled and slotted rotors to help prevent undue rusting and corrosion. This is applied to both rotor plates, but not on the hub assemblies. The plating gives a shield against rusting and flaking due to accumulated dust and heat wicking.

Perfection Milling

Once the cast has been set and the Silver Zinc Dichromate has been applied to the rotor plates, then it’s time for the final cutting and machining to take place. Every part of the rotor assembly is machined and mill-balanced for a guaranteed fit on your car or truck. The maximum tolerance of the rotor run-out is 0.0032” while the Maximum DTV tolerance is specified to 0.0005”. This closely controlled machining, drilling, and slotting make each rotor the perfect fit for your saddle and assembly. This precision milling makes installation much easier and helps extend the durability and overall life of the entire brake system.


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There was a pretty wide range of prices for these rotors, but that’s to be expected when reviewing such a diverse catalog of products. The lowest average price we found was around $85 for a pair of standard rotors. There are four different product lines to choose from, so the series can bring the price up depending on the size and accessories included. The most expensive rotor kits came in around $300.

Power Stop Rotors Review – How It Compares

We selected some of Power Stop’s biggest competitors to see how they stack up against one and other. For this Power Stop rotors review, we compared the price, features list, reported performance, customer feedback, and overall design quality of each of these manufacturers. We have been careful to call out what we loved and what we think might need some improvement in each of these brands, all to help you make the most informed decision when selecting a reliable brand of rotors for your vehicle.

What We Reviewed

  • Bendix Rotors
  • DuraGo Replacement Rotors
  • StopTech Rotors

Power Stop Rotors

Price [$$]

The items we looked at for this Power Stop rotors review ranged in price from $85 for a pair to as much as $300 for a single high-performance rotor. The price mainly depended on the total kit size and the performance rating of the vehicle.

Design Quality [4/5 STARS]

Power Stop has a high-end chain of foundries that cast the molds for these rotors. Emphasis on metal quality and final machining makes these products standouts on the market. The attention paid to the quality of metal, mainly copper-free aluminum mixes, helps to extend the life of the rotors and give great performance all the way until replacement.

Features [4/5 STARS]

There are too many great features to mention all at once here, and we covered some of our favorites already. We love the Evolution series and the Tru-Cast technology for forging and casting these precision rotors.

Performance [3/5 STARS]

Power Stop has one of the best records for cooling technology in the industry. Heat dispersal is paramount when designing a high-end rotor, with the ability to cool while maintaining friction being the key. Power Stop rotors are drilled, slotted, and etched with millimeter detail, allowing for better performance and superior durability.

Warranty [5/5 STARS]

Power Stop offers a hassle-free sixty-day return policy on most of their non-commercial products. There is an additional three-year, 36,000-mile road coverage warranty that comes attached to their domestic line of rotors and braking packages. They really stand out against the others in this Power Stop Rotors review, especially when you consider the direct-to-consumer coverage offered from Power Stop. While most of the other manufacturers in this review defer the warranty to their authorized dealers, Power Stop comes clean with a direct guarantee that is handled at the manufacturer level.


  • Best value on this list
  • High-end quality grading on all rotors
  • No need for special modifications


  • Limited domestic line for vehicles
  • No exotic or racing-grade options

Where You Can Find More Information

Bendix Rotors

Since 1924, Bendix has been leading the way with braking technology and precision manufacturing. Billing their entire line as Premium grade, Bendix does not cater to the low end of the car world. Their rotors and braking systems are made from their own engineered designs, all in-house and controlled by the manufacturer. This kind of manufacturing dominance allows Bendix more control over the final quality of the products.

Design Quality [4/5 STARS]

Bendix has three different lines of rotors and braking kits for you to choose from. The Bendix Premium and Bendix Fleet Metlok are designed for highway and commercial vehicles. The machining is to the micrometer and forged with precision castings. A post-casting process of ionization helps remove excess copper and remnant metals from the aluminum mix. This design feature helps strengthen the rotor and adds life to the friction plates.

Features [3/5 STARS]

With so many products to choose from, it’s impossible to cover everything Bendix does for the quality and performance of their rotors. Some of our favorite features are the vane-cuts and friction etching used on all of their rotors. This process is accurate, efficient, and most of all, effective.

Performance [4/5 STARS]

This manufacturer has some of the best metrics when it comes to stop distances and temperature control of their rotors. Bendix uses a thorough internal testing process to hone the design for each of their products. With their rotors and braking systems, this thorough testing and refining have lead to some of the highest performing rotors on the market.

Warranty [4/5 STARS]

Bendix has different classifications of coverage for their products. Their domestic line of retail rotors and braking systems comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is covered through their network of authorized dealers. Bendix also has additional offered coverage for their line of commercial products, which includes several models of aftermarket replacement rotors for light commercial vehicles. Those warranties are covered through the approved dealer chain or an authorized repair shop.


  • Expansive line of rotors and braking systems
  • Three different series to choose from
  • High-precision machining process


  • Not available through all retailers
  • Inconsistent value based on prices and quality

Where You Can Find More Information

DuraGo Rotors

DuraGo has been making drums, rotors, and braking systems for over fifty years. This family-owned business is a national seller of some of the best-reviewed rotors in the world. With an emphasis on quality control and data collection, this mid-range manufacturer looks for every opportunity to improve their products. Their dedication to testing and QC metrics made them a front-runner in this Power Stop rotors review.

Design Quality [3/5 STARS]

DuraGo uses a high-yield casting system for all of their rotors. The casting system has been engineered to leave the most precise dimensions while applying the groove-in patterns needed for friction control. They use a non-directional swirl pattern on the disk, which is applied at the factory, so there is no need for any finish machining once you come to installation.

Features [4/5 STARS]

These rotors have an inter-cut system of vanes running between the two master disks. These offset vanes help draw in cool air while expelling hot air. This dispersal of heat helps keep the rotor cool and operating at minimum performance standards. They drill and slot everything in the factory, with on-site controls for checking the durability and final quality of each rotor.

Performance [4/5 STARS]

DuraGo is less about high-end performance and more about safety and quality of the rotor. Each piece has high marks for cooling and heat wicking, with attention being paid to the plaining system inside the rotor. Combined with the precise chamfer machining and the detailed mold cores, each rotor from DuraGo comes out perfect and ready to go.

Warranty [2/5 STARS]

DuraGo offers a limited warranty on all of their products, including the entire line of domestic rotors and brake systems. Though the manufacturer has a self-contained product warranty, you will still need to go through an authorized dealer to handle any factory replacement issues. DuraGo is sold third party as well, so it’s important to make sure you have warranty coverage on the products by checking for an authorized sale certificate from DuraGo.


  • Great for average highway use
  • Excellent cooling technology
  • Expanded line of products for most models of car


  • Not designed for off-road or performance racing
  • Limited upgrade capabilities for kits

Where You Can Find More Information

StopTech Rotors

StopTech was founded in 1999 with an emphasis on high-performance racing and exotic vehicles. After receiving great reviews from popular performance groups they branched out into more common rotors and baking systems. Also known by their sister brand, Centric Parts, this manufacturer offers premium rotors and stop kits that rival most other high-end parts manufacturers.

Design Quality [1/5 STARS]

There were a lot of details to review for this Power Stop rotors review—the most important being the overall design quality of the products. Though StopTech has great products with stellar reviews, the overall design was reviewed as poor.

They have some excellent designs available, with some useful features, but anything worth having on your rotor came at a significant jump in the price. StopTech regards themselves as a specialty rotor manufacturer, with a strong emphasis on Exotics and performance racing. That’s great for high-end replacement, but not so good for the average consumer. Their low-end products did not meet minimum design standards for the industry.

Features [4/5 STARS]

StopTech boasts some nice features across their lines of rotors, including the AeroRotor system. The patented AeroRotor is a two-piece rotor assembly kit that has their name-brand replacement billet and friction ring. Both pieces are made of high-grade aluminum and have a cut-in system of cooling vanes designed to wick off friction heat faster than the competition. You can also take advantage of their cryogenically treated rotors that have been enhanced through a super-cooling process that helps to better align the molecular structure of the entire rotor assembly, which adds structural strength and enhanced durability.

Performance [3/5 STARS]

StopTech is a standout amongst the competition for this Power Stop rotors review as they handle a wide variety of auto types. From their European line designed for extreme highway speeds to their off-road series for dirty driving, StopTech offers great stopping distances with better balance and superior cooling. This manufacturer offers a series of rotors for every application, and every one operates at high-end capacity with a long life.

Warranty [2/5 STARS]

StopTech does not offer a direct-to-consumer warranty on their products. The warranty and manufacturing guarantee is handled by the authorized dealer where you purchased the rotor. StopTech does not have a specific blanket policy for their warranty coverage, so you will have to review the coverage available through the dealer. StopTech has a strict program for reviewing and approving dealers for their products, so you can feel comfortable that any retailer approved for selling is also approved to cover the warranty.


  • Performance-based grading
  • Shortest recorded stopping distances
  • Geared for racing durability


  • Not the best value at these prices
  • No direct-to-consumer warranty

Where You Can Find More Information


We looked at a lot of different details for this Power Stop rotors review, trying to find the best and worst of what these different manufacturers offer. After comparing the features, benefits, warranties, and design quality of each of these product lines, we have to say Power Stop came out ahead of the competition. The after-market Power Stop rotors reviews we saw from customers confirmed what we concluded for this article.

We think Power Stop offers the best value for a superior product with a warranty that’s direct-to-consumer, something not found in most of the other options. We proudly recommend these rotors and braking systems to anyone concerned with quality and precision. The final verdict for our Power Stop rotors review is four out of five stars.