Nissan VIN Lookup and Number Decoder

Nissan, renowned for its innovation and reliability, consistently ranks among the top automobile manufacturers globally. Nissan worldwide sales included 3.3 million vehicles for $80 billion USD in 2022. The brand’s popularity is bolstered by its commitment to safety, affordability, and cutting-edge technology, making it a favorite in various markets.

A crucial aspect for any prospective buyer or Nissan owner is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check. This unique code not only verifies the vehicle’s authenticity but also provides essential information about its history, specifications, and potential issues. Conducting a Nissan VIN lookup is an invaluable step in ensuring a secure and informed vehicle purchase or ownership experience.

List of Nissan Models

Here’s a list of some popular Nissan models:

  1. Nissan Altima: A staple in Nissan’s lineup, the Altima is a mid-size sedan known for its comfort, fuel efficiency, and well-equipped interior.
  2. Nissan Maxima: Marketed as a “four-door sports car,” the Maxima offers a blend of performance, luxury, and advanced technology features.
  3. Nissan Sentra: A compact sedan that stands out for its affordability, spacious interior, and solid fuel economy, making it a popular choice for city driving.
  4. Nissan Versa: One of the most budget-friendly models in Nissan’s range, the Versa is a compact sedan that prioritizes cost-effectiveness and fuel efficiency.
  5. Nissan Leaf: A pioneer among electric vehicles, the Leaf offers zero emissions and impressive range, catering to eco-conscious consumers.
  6. Nissan 370Z: A classic sports car known for its sharp handling and powerful V6 engine, appealing to those who crave a spirited driving experience.
  7. Nissan GT-R: Known as the “Godzilla” of sports cars, the GT-R is famous for its blistering performance and all-wheel-drive capabilities.
  8. Nissan Murano: A mid-size crossover SUV that combines stylish design with a comfortable ride and a well-appointed cabin.
  9. Nissan Pathfinder: A family-friendly SUV, the Pathfinder offers ample space, strong towing capabilities, and a host of modern safety features.
  10. Nissan Rogue: One of Nissan’s best-sellers, this compact SUV balances comfort, style, and efficiency, equipped with the latest in driver-assistance technologies.
  11. Nissan Armada: A full-size SUV that offers robust towing capacity, a spacious three-row interior, and a commanding presence on the road.
  12. Nissan Frontier: A durable and capable mid-size pickup truck that excels in both everyday utility and off-road adventures.
  13. Nissan Titan: A full-size pickup truck known for its strong V8 engine, spacious cabin, and good towing capacity, suitable for both work and play.
  14. Nissan Juke: A compact crossover with a unique and sporty design, the Juke offers nimble handling and a turbocharged engine option.
  15. Nissan Kicks: A relatively new entrant in the subcompact SUV market, the Kicks stands out with its affordability, expressive styling, and impressive array of standard features.
  16. Nissan Qashqai: Known as the Rogue Sport in North America, this compact SUV delivers a smooth ride, efficient performance, and a versatile interior.
  17. Nissan X-Trail: Popular in markets outside the USA, the X-Trail is a robust SUV that offers ample space, off-road capability, and a flexible interior layout.

Where to Search for the Nissan VIN?

When searching for the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on a Nissan vehicle, you can typically find it in several standard locations. Here are the most common spots to check:

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  1. Dashboard: The easiest place to see the VIN without opening the vehicle is on the dashboard on the driver’s side. Look through the windshield from outside at the area where the dashboard meets the glass.
  2. Driver’s Side Door Frame/Post: When you open the driver’s side door, check the area where the door latches to the frame. There should be a label or a plate with the VIN written on it.
  3. Engine Block: The VIN is often stamped onto the engine block, so if you open the hood, you can check the engine area for this number.
  4. Rear Wheel Well: Try looking above the tire on the rear wheel well.
  5. Underneath the Spare Tire: If your Nissan has a spare tire, remove it to check underneath; sometimes the VIN is found there.
  6. Front Frame: For trucks and larger SUVs, the VIN might be visible on the front frame of the vehicle, near the windshield washer fluid reservoir.
  7. Vehicle Registration and Insurance: If you cannot locate the VIN on the car itself, it will certainly be on the vehicle’s registration documents and insurance papers.
Nissan VIN Lookup and Number Decoder

Nissan VIN Decoder Guide

A Nissan VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) decoder guide can help you understand the specific details encoded in the unique 17-character serial number assigned to every Nissan vehicle. Each character in the VIN has a specific meaning that identifies particular attributes of the vehicle. Here’s a breakdown of how to decode a Nissan VIN:

  1. 1st Character (Country of Manufacture): This indicates the country where the vehicle was manufactured. For example, ‘J’ stands for Japan, ‘1’ or ‘4’ for the USA, ‘2’ for Canada, ‘3’ for Mexico, etc.
  2. 2nd Character (Manufacturer): For Nissan, this is typically ‘N’.
  3. 3rd Character (Vehicle Type): This character can tell you whether the vehicle is a passenger car, truck, or other types depending on the specific code used.
  4. 4th to 8th Characters (Vehicle Descriptor Section – VDS): This series of characters describes the model, engine type, body style, and auto platform. Each model has unique codes that differentiate between factors like engine size and type.
  5. 9th Character (Check Digit): This is a security code that verifies the authenticity of the entire VIN. It’s calculated using a complex formula involving the other digits.
  6. 10th Character (Model Year): This tells you the model year of the vehicle. It starts with letters (B through Y, excluding O, Q, and U) for 1981 through 2000, numbers for 2001 through 2009, and then it cycles back to letters (A onwards, excluding O, Q, U, and Z) from 2010.
  7. 11th Character (Plant Code): This indicates the manufacturing plant where the vehicle was assembled.
  8. 12th to 17th Characters (Sequential Production Number): These are unique serial numbers assigned to each vehicle as it comes off the assembly line.

Nissan VIN Samples

Here are some sample VINs for Nissan vehicles, demonstrating the variety across different models and manufacturing locations:

  1. JN1BJ1CPXKW512345
    • JN – Manufactured in Japan (J), by Nissan (N)
    • 1BJ1CP – Model-specific descriptor indicating a specific type and configuration
    • X – Check digit (varies depending on specific formula result)
    • K – Model year (2019)
    • W – Plant code (Indicates which factory)
    • 512345 – Unique serial number
  2. 1N4AL3AP3GC123456
    • 1N – Manufactured in the USA (1), by Nissan (N)
    • 4AL3AP – Model-specific descriptor for another vehicle type/configuration
    • 3 – Check digit
    • G – Model year (2016)
    • C – Plant code
    • 123456 – Unique serial number
  3. 3N1AB7AP1FY234567
    • 3N – Manufactured in Mexico (3), by Nissan (N)
    • 1AB7AP – Model-specific descriptor for another vehicle type/configuration
    • 1 – Check digit
    • F – Model year (2015)
    • Y – Plant code
    • 234567 – Unique serial number