List of 30 cheapest used cars to insure

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Keeping in mind the high level of interest of our users, we have searched the entire range of used cars from the model year 2000-2010 and come up with a list of cars that are cheapest to insure.

Based on our research, the cheapest used cars that you can insure are Honda CR-V, Ford Taurus and Chrysler.

We looked at 30 popular used cars and ranked them on the basis of premium value and the detailed insurance data.

Here is the entire list of 30 used cars you can pick and get the cheapest insurance, from the model year 2000-2010.

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         Used cars                                 Average annual premium

  1. Honda CR-V                                                                $1440
  2. Chrysler PT Cruiser                                                    $1440
  3. Ford Taurus                                                                 $1452
  4. Dodge Caravan                                                            $1464
  5. Toyota Tacoma                                                            $1464
  6. Toyota RAV4                                                                $1464
  7. Toyota Prius                                                                 $1488
  8. Dodge Grand Caravan                                                $1512
  9. Hyundai Santa Fe                                                        $1512
  10. Ford Escape                                                                  $1512
  11. Pontiac Grand Am                                                       $1512
  12. Ford Explorer                                                               $1512
  13. Honda Odyssey                                                            $1524
  14. Toyota Highlander                                                      $1524
  15. Saturn Vue                                                                    $1524
  16. Toyota Corolla                                                              $1524
  17. Volkswagen Jetta                                                         $1536
  18. Ford F-150                                                                    $1548
  19. Toyota Camry                                                               $1548
  20. Jeep liberty                                                                   $1560
  21. Honda Civic                                                                  $1572
  22. Lexus RX                                                                       $1596
  23. Chevrolet Tahoe                                                          $1608

Do you need comprehensive and collision insurance for a used car?

Yes, both comprehensive and collision insurance is important for used cars.

Both this insurance payout for damages to your car if it is stolen or if it’s damaged by any disaster.

Comprehensive and collision insurance covers your vehicle during problems like

  • Hail
  • Flood
  • Natural disasters
  • Fire
  • Vandalism and crashes with animals.

In the worst case, your car could be totalled by one of these problems.

Remember as a car gets older its value degrades with every passing year, which means the maximum payout for a stolen or totalled car declines as the car’s value reduces. Thus the need for both comprehensive and collision insurance goes down, too.

Here are some points which will help you make a judgment about whether it’s worth it to keep buying these coverage types for a used car:

  • Before going for insurance, always look for the current value of your selected used car.
  • Once you get the insurance quote, subtract your collision/comprehensive deductible from the car’s value. This will help you to have an estimate for an insurance check if your car is stolen or totalled and you make a claim.
  • Look at what you would pay annually for collision and comprehensive. If the premium payments over the next several years come close to the potential insurance payout, it may not be worth it.
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