How to Buy a Used Car?

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Buying a good used car is nothing short of a treasure hunt. But, it can be much easier if you plan well.
Make a list of all necessary points to be checked for a used car purchase, like pricing guides and vehicle history reports.

According to the statistics only about 40% of the Americans can afford to buy a new car. Whereas, 40 million used cars exchange hands each year.

With sales of more than 40 million used cars a year totaling some $361 billion, there’s no question that a used car has value.

When the market is full of choices, finding that one perfect car can be a big challenge.

So for your convenience, we’ve created a list of steps to help you find a perfect car.


Try to set a budget before initiating the car search. Look for the options available in your range. Also, decide how you’re going to pay for the purchase. Typically, there are two ways: pay cash or take out a loan. Budgeting can be very simple if you are paying cash, remember to keep the registration and insurance amount aside. Pre-approval for a car loan can be a smart decision. It simplifies the buying process and puts you in a stronger position at the car dealership.

Car Model

List out the reasons why you need a car. It will help you remain focused when faced with multiple options in the market, or sales talk at the showroom. The list containing all the must-have and good to have features will help you make a good decision.

Reliability and Ownership Costs

Make sure you’re choosing a model known for its dependability. Every used car has been driven to certain miles, so always check the detailed specifications and choose a car that’s less likely to break down. Also, don’t get attracted to a car based on a lower than expected price. Some cars are cheap to buy but may carry hidden costs (insurance, maintenance, repairs, depreciation) which eventually makes you pay a higher amount. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Locate well-used cars

You can locate used cars by following the traditional way, by walking the car lot and checking in the local market. Or, you can also check various websites that list used cars. Once you are sure about your selected options, check the pricing guides to find out what the experts say about your selected car.

Check the Vehicle History Reports

Use the vehicle identification number to know the detailed vehicle history report of your selected car. You can get the Vehicle Identification report on VehicleCheckUSA by just typing your 17 digits alphanumeric Vehicle Identification Number.

Go on a test drive

Test-driving a used car helps you identify some of the issues and comfort of the car. A test drive is the best way to know if the car fits your needs.

After the test drive, also check the service records. Service records will show you if the car has had the scheduled maintenance performed on time or not. Try to get the car inspected by a mechanic to verify that the car is good. If the seller seems hesitant, it might be an indication that they are trying to hide something.


Wishing you all the best for your car search.


Every used car has a back-end story and some of them are nothing short of a nightmare. So, always look for the Vehicle History Report before purchasing a used car. It will help you know if a car has a clean history or hidden problems. We have data available for every used car sold post-1982.


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