4 Benefits of Buying a Used Car From the Dealer

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If you are interested in buying a used car, you must have surely discovered that there are two major options for buying a used car:

  1. Private Seller / Craigslist
  2. Licensed Dealer

If you are at all apprehensive about approaching a private seller, you can always go to a licensed dealer for purchasing a used car.  In this article, we are listing all the advantages involved in finalizing the deal of a used car with a dealer:

  • Extra Options          
  • Reputation
  • Financing Benefits
  • Authentic paperwork

Extra Options

Many people opt for buying a used vehicle from a licensed dealer over a private seller because they can choose some extra options for the vehicle. Those extra options can be dealer-installed accessories such as aftermarket wheels or an upgraded sound system.

There are many other added features you get at a dealer which you wouldn’t normally get from a private seller. Like you can get an extended warranty to cover your car after the manufacturer warranty expires. Dealers also provide services like curb rash removed from the wheels, etc. You could also get various other promotions if purchasing a car from the dealer like free oil changes or tire rotations.

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All these add-on features while purchasing a used car from a dealer make the whole process of buying even more exciting. However, if you are dealing with a private seller for purchasing a used car, you won’t get any such special offers.


Another benefit of buying a used car from dealers is “Reputation”. You can select a dealer based on the reputation. Dealers with the good reputation try to offer the best customer services they can. They also take a few days after purchase responsibility of the vehicle. Like, if you have any problem with a car soon after you buy it, you can take the help of the dealer to fix it. They also sometimes have a cooling off period, so if you have second thoughts after the purchase, you could take a U-turn and turn it back in at the dealership.

On the contrary, with a  private seller, you end the deal the time you hand over the money and get the car. Private dealers just wash off their hands as the car is sold, and certainly, they can’t advise you about any mechanical help you need for your car.

Financing Benefits

The biggest benefit of buying a used car from the dealer is the financing option. Every dealer will offer a range of financing options, while a private seller won’t. If you’re buying a car from a private seller, you’ll have to secure your own financing. Also, many times it’s a little tricky to finance a car owned by a private seller. As many leading companies don’t trust a private seller to accurately value a car, but a licensed dealership usually offers a more accurate pricing.  

As a result, it can be hard to get the loan for a privately owned car, and in many cases, the interest rates are also high.

Authentic Paperwork

With dealers, you need not worry about any paperwork or document that needs to be filled out at the DMV. Most dealers provide you with the sales bill and any other documents that you might require to register the purchase. If purchasing a used car from the private seller, you need some time and patience to complete all this paperwork on your own.  

So, now since you have chosen from where you want to buy a used car, go ahead, choose the car you want to buy. We have a series of articles right here to help you make that choice. But make sure you check the vehicle history of the car you select. Remember, you should never buy a used car on spoken promises. The Vehicle History report will give you the entire history of your chosen used car.

Benefits_of_Buying_used_car_from_dealer | VIN Check | VehiclecheckUSA