What is the Importance of Vehicle Maintenance?

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As a vehicle owner, it is very important for you to carry out regular maintenance on your vehicle. A vehicle without proper maintenance is more prone to serious problems in the future and can affect your finances adversely.

Performing regular maintenance of your vehicle will help you in reducing the risk of any serious or sudden future problems. Regular maintenance also helps in improving the driving quality of your vehicle.

It is reported that vehicle owners who fail to perform the necessary vehicle maintenance tasks tend to pay more for vehicle maintenance per year compared to others.

Cars used by professional drivers are usually highly maintained. It is not a difficult task for a car driver to maintain the car. Drivers with limited motor knowledge can also perform the maintenance tasks regularly, like checking of tyre pressure, checking of engine oil, coolant, brake fluid etc. Car owners who find the maintenance task uneasy can check the vehicle manual/handbook that comes along the vehicle. You can even take the help of a mechanic for proper vehicle maintenance.

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The risk of failing to maintain your vehicle can lead to more severe problems in the future. It can result in mechanical failures or any sudden damage.

We have listed some of the most important repairs that you might have to get it done if you don’t maintain your car properly :

  • Fixing or replacing the cylinder
  • Replacing the transmission assembly
  • Replacing the cylinder head and spark plugs
  • Replacing the camshaft

Fixing or replacing the cylinder

Cylinder failure occurs when you don’t put the correct mixture of fuel, air, and sparks in it. A cylinder failure is a clear sign of continued neglect.

An inappropriate mix of fuel, air, and spark cause overheating of a cylinder which ultimately results in its failure.

Replacing the transmission assembly

Transmission problems can be caused if you are not doing the regular maintenance properly. These problems can be avoided only if you are following the manufacturer’s guide properly. Remember, without a fully functioning transmission, your car will not be able to turn.

Replacing the cylinder head and spark plugs

If you are not maintaining the cylinder head and spark plugs properly it can lead to failure of the car’s engine. Any misfires in your engine can cause the cylinders to heat up and fail

Replacing the camshaft

A major reason for camshaft failure is the accumulation of dirt and build up of grime. Excess of dirt and grime can cause camshaft failure. It can be prevented by regular oil change and valve cleaning. Usually, this problem occurs if car maintenance is ignored or not regular.

Important Vehicle Maintenance Tasks

There are a series of vehicle maintenance tasks that need to be performed regularly to make your vehicle function smoothly. These basic vehicle maintenance tasks are easy to perform and it doesn’t take much of your time but at the same time, it saves you from expensive maintenance issues.

Some of the most important maintenance tasks that you should be carrying out are as follows:

  • Regular fluid checks
  • Regular oil changes
  • Check tire pressures
  • Check the engine air filter

Regular fluid checks

Regular fluid check (oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant) of your car is essential. It is required to maintain the standard amount of fluid in your car if running low try to add it immediately. Failure to maintain the regular fluid level can cause overheating and eventually engine failure.

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Regular oil change

The oil acts as a basic food for your engine. It is very important that you ensure the accurate level of oil to run the engine smoothly.

Don’t forget to change the oil about every 3000 miles to ensure the best performance of your engine and to avoid possible engine problems.

Check tire pressures

Maintaining the right amount of tire pressure and checking the air regularly in each of your tires is an important part of vehicle maintenance. Ignoring tire pressure check can lead to excess tire wear and it might result in frequent tire changes. At the same time, too much air in the tires can also be a problem, as it increases the chances of blowing out. You should refer to the vehicle handbook to know the ideal tire pressure for your vehicle.

Check the engine air filter

Dirty air filters reduce the life of an engine and can also affect the mileage. According to experts, dirty air filter reduces the mileage by up to 10%. You can clean these air filters by just blowing the air hose on to the accumulated dust that may have gathered on to the engine filters.

So, now don’t fail to perform all these basic car maintenance tasks on a regular basis. Performing these activities on regular basis can reduce the chances of more serious problems occurring with your vehicle.

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