List of best-used cars to buy in the year 2018

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The used car market is always more popular compared to the new car market in the United States.  

According to industry statistics, nearly 40 million used cars are sold in a year.  In fact, If we look at the new car sale, the used car is twice the number of new cars sold each year.

Even though the market is so big, taking that one decision about picking the best car isn’t easy, especially If you are buying a car which is reliable, affordable and equipped with up-to-date electronic and safety features.

There are hundreds of models available in the market from which choosing one car based on your own priority or liking is difficult.

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Just to make used car buying process easier, we have screened various auto news and consumer reports to provide you with the lists of best-used cars to buy in 2018.

Consumer Auto Reports

US Consumer Reports (CR) has categorized 36 vehicles in 23 segments based on price, the price range is from >$10,000 up to $30,000 as the best-used cars for purchase in the year 2018.

There were some more good choices given under many categories totalling about 46 models.

Toyotas dominate the CR’s top selections. You will also find other brands like BMW, Honda/Acura, Subaru, Pontiac, Infiniti, Scion represented on the list.

Here is the complete consumer report stratified based on the price range and segments–



SedansSUVsSmall SUVsMid Size SUVsWagonsPickupsSporty
Under $ 10,000
Pontiac Vibe 2008-10

Toyota Matrix 2008-10

Mazda6 2009-11
$10,000- $15,000
Toyota CorollaHonda Fit 2013Acura TSX 2008-11

Toyota Camry 2010-13

Honda CR-V


Acura RDX 2009-10
Toyota Prius 2014-15Honda Accord 2013-15

Lexus ES 2011-12

Toyota RAV4

2011-13 and Toyota 4Runner 2008-09

Toyota Venza 2010-12Honda Ridgeline 2008-10Scion FR-S 2014-15 and Subaru BRZ 2014
Toyota Avalon 2014-15

Infiniti M 2013

Lexus LS 2011-12

Mazda CX-5 2016 and Toyota Highlander 2011-12Toyota Venza 2013-14Toyota tundra 2010-11Scion FR-S 2016 and Subaru BRZ 2015-16
Lexus CT 200h 2016

Lexus GS 2013-14

Lexus RX 2013-14 and Toyota Sequoia 2011Toyota Prius V 2017

Toyota Venza 2015

Honda Ridgeline 2013-14

Toyota Tundra 2012-13

BMW 2 Series 2015-16
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